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Fee guide for treatments

The prices shown below are intended just to be a guide to our fees. Following an initial consultation, we will provide a detailed treatment plan and quotation for any work recommended.


New patient consultation £250
Routine examination £225
Routine examination, children £150-£220
Full restorative examination £450
Fillings, per filling £320-£520
Hygienist, per visit £135
Hygienist, quadrant cleaning under local anaesthetic £300
Root canal treatment £1,450
Endodontic surgery £2,000
Implant, per tooth, from £4,750
Bonded porcelain crown, gold crown, inlay and onlay £1,800
Veneer £1,800
Cast post and core £800
Partial chrome denture £4,100
Full upper and lower dentures £7,800
Root planing, per quadrant £900
Quadrant surgery £1,700
Bone grafting £800-£2,200
Sinus augmentation, per sinus £1,300-£2,500
Periodontal consultation £400
Orthodontic consultation £250-£450
Orthodontic consulatation with records £450
Fixed braces £8,000-£12,000
Removable brace £1,500- £5,000
Functional removable brace £3,000
Removable retainer £200
Bonded retainer £400
Home tooth whitening, incl first 8 tubes £750
In-surgery tooth whitening, incl first 8 tubes £900
Gum shield, for children £160
Occlusal splint £900
Snoring appliances £1,200
Facial aesthetic treatments, from £320
Panoramic radiograph (OPG x-ray) £100
Cone beam CT scan, from £250
Emergency appointment; from £220


We accept payment by cheque, cash, credit or debit cards and bank transfers. Services are offered to patients on a private basis only.

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